People often tend to feel burned because they are in a race with themselves for “success” as quickly as they can. Looking inspirational figures, celebrities, the rich and famous – it may feel like you’ll never be where they are. Think again.

Many of the rich and influential people were exactly where you are right now – maybe even worse! These celebrities are not just a source of inspiration because of all they have done, but because of travel, they were to get to this point.

Before these people are famous, they were regular Joes and Janes like the rest of us. Making strange, mundane jobs, uncomfortable … like the rest of us.

Here are 11 celebrities who had random jobs before becoming a success:

1. Johnny Depp

Think about how much you hate getting calls from telemarketers. Now think about how much worse it would be if you were a telemarketer, selling pens, of all things! That’s exactly what Johnny Depp did before becoming an actor uber-success.

He could not get behind this scam as any event ( “buy 12 dozen pens and get a free grandfather clock!”). The only good thing that came out of this work is that Depp has to practice his funny accents and mimicry famous actors customers he spoke. I guess they were his first public!

2. Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken himself a little reputation for being weird, so it is natural that his work famous person would tame lions! This right is, Walken used as a tamer in a circus. He described the lioness, he worked with Sheba, as “very soft, like a dog” when talking about his old job at Vanity Fair.

3. Jennifer Hudson

Here is a job that so many Americans have in their lives, either as a way to earn pocket money in high school or an adult struggling to put food on the table worker fast food. Jennifer Hudson, it was the later. Speaking of his time at Burger King, singer Central said: “I sang at the wheel window. It was my microphone “.

4. Lucy Liu

At one point in her life, Lucy Liu spent seven days in a row three jobs just so she could pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She was secretary five days of the week and on weekends, she would work as morning aerobics instructor and as a hostess in a restaurant in the nights.

“I knew I needed money if I was acting because I probably will not make much money off the bat,” she said to the Seattle Times. “For me, it was backbreaking work, but I excited by the idea of ​​why I was doing the job. “If this is not dedication, I do not know what it is!

5. George Clooney

The appeal of the certified ladies man George Clooney has his dignity as calm as he makes his appearance. He said he learned to be humble about his work as an insurance salesman door to door. It was a very difficult time for him, especially when he was fired because of his acquisition rate of poor clients. Even once he managed to get a commission; the client died the same day!

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