There has been an ongoing debate on how the life of the royal family on taxpayer money – and they deserve it or not – as long as I can remember. But have you ever wondered how exactly each member trademarks of the royal family and that accounts in total?

According to Forbes, the British royal family has been estimated at a net worth of $ 88 billion in 2017! How did they amass such a fortune and where did all the fire of the money? To their credit, the royal family releases an annual summary of expenses Head of State, as well as a full report on the royal public finances, which provides an overview of how the Queen and co. earn and spend in a year.

Let’s break down for you:

1. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The estimated total annual income: $ 64,491,700

the estimated net worth: $ 550 million, according to Forbes

The Queen is probably the richest person of the royal family – the MVP, if you want. The former held 92 years on the throne since 1953, during which his personal net worth accumulated about $ 550 million. His Majesty gets its revenue from three main sources: The sovereign grant, the Royal Collection, and the Duchy of Lancaster. The look of tabling these points in detail:

Sovereign Grant is an annual allowance under the queen’s official duties, as well as some other important members of the royal family. This will also in maintaining occupied royal palaces, including reservicing 10 years of Buckingham Palace. The official website states the royal family that the sovereign Total Grant for 2019-2020 is $ 107,573,200 – basic $ 64,491,700 and $ 43,081,500 Reservicing.

The Royal Collection is the total value of all the works of art held by the Queen for her successors (Charles William George), and the British nation. Maintenance costs of the work took place in the Royal Collection are funded by the Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity which, in turn, earns its own revenues through admission fees for visitors royal places such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, Balmoral and others.

Duchy of Lancaster is a private stock of the Queen. A scholarship is private private income of the British sovereign. It is mainly used for official expenses occurred by the Queen or other members of the royal family when such expenses do not fall within the sovereign grant. These fees are also taxed as income not used for official purposes.

2. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

The estimated total annual income: $ 500,000

Net worth: $ 30 million

Prince Philip is also the recipient of the funds of sovereign grant, given its position as the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. According he gets about $ 500,000 a year to his official duties and public services. However, it is unclear if the Duke of Edinburgh still receiving the allowance since his retirement from official public duties in 2017. His net worth of $ 30 million might seem to be overshadowed by his wife whopping $ 550 million, but it is much more than the average UK citizen can dream of having.

3. Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales

The estimated total annual income: $ 31.6 million

Net worth: $ 100 million

Although official of the net value of Prince Charles estimate is about $ 100, other estimates even increased about $ 400 million! How ever it may actually be, most of its income comes from the Duchy of Cornwall, he will inherit if he ever became king, as the eldest son of the queen. This would pass to his eldest son, Prince William, and his eldest son Prince George.

The annual allocation it receives goes to cover the official costs of his immediate family, including his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince William and Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan, and their children. The Prince of Wales site mentions that it has received $ 28.7 from the Duchy of Cornwall in 2017. He also received $ 2.6 million from the sovereign grant and $ 784.1 million of “departments”.

4. Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The estimated total annual income: $ 3.3 million

Net Worth: Prince William: Between $ 32 to $ 50 million

Prince Charles’ official website states that the total annual allocation it receives from the Duchy of Cornwall, $ 6.6 million was passed on to his son and women. Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose that Prince William and Kate get about $ 3.3 million annually. Individually, Prince William is estimated at a net worth of about $ 40 million, thanks largely to the legacy he has earned from his mother, Princess Diana. Kate Middleton is said to have a personal net worth of about 7 to $ 10,000,000.

5. Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The estimated total annual income: $ 3.3 million

Net value: Prince Harry: about $ 45 million

Similar to Prince William and Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan are the beneficiary of $ 3.3 million from Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall. The young couple recently made headlines for “leave the royal family,” but it is unclear how much impact this decision would have on their lives – including the annual payment they received.

Prince Harry, like his older brother, inherited large sums of money from Princess Diana and is also said to have a net worth of about $ 40 million. Meghan Markle, already owns a small fortune through his acting career, came into the marriage with his own wealth. She says she has a net present value of approximately $ 5 million.

6. Prince Andrew, The Duke of York

The estimated total annual income: $ 320,000.

Net worth: $ 41 million- $ 45 million

As the third child and second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Prince Andrew also receives an annual allocation of sovereign grant. This amount is $ 320,000 said. It also receives an estimated naval pension about $ 20,000 per year. Several places have speculated that the Duke of York net value could reach $ 82 million, but it is more likely that the correct number is about $ 41-45000000 – which is not too bad either! He amassed his substantial net value of its benefits, and the number of luxury properties he owns, including the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

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