A volatile stock market, recession, inflation, adverse interest rates and more – these are the realities that those who wish to invest their money, are facing today.

Yet this should not prevent you from investing! There is much more to the game than buying shares in a company, and we encourage you to explore the depths of the market to find out how and where you can get creative with your money.

While we do not suggest unload all your wealth in these companies, there is no harm in dipping your feet to test the waters. With everything being in the arms, politically and economically, might now be the time to consider alternative investments. In fact, tons of other people have found success investing in these companies wacky!

Here are 04 creative ways to invest your money.

1. Fine Art

The stock market fluctuated in recent years, so try to venture into the world of the rich (who seem to enrich whatever).

The purchase and sale of famous paintings has always been an investment option that has been explored by the rich, but now you and I might be able to get into too with the help of companies like Masterworks . They pool money from people to buy works of art blue-chip, which they then sell to their customers. According to their promises, you can earn up to 10% or more on your investment per year. This sounds like a very good deal for us!

2. music royalties

Auction songwriters often out of their royalty shares on sites like SongVest.com and TheRoyaltyExchange.com. They can cost a few dollars to several thousand! Once you purchase, you become a part owner of the song, even if you have played any role in the creation of it. And as part of the song owner, you are now eligible to receive a portion of the royalties collected by the song. You will continue receiving royalties until the copyright is nullified, which is usually 95 years after the artist’s death.

Remember the song “hey, hey, we’re the Monkees,” the group’s theme song The Monkees? actions to royalties, it costs about $ 3,000 and produce an average annual fee of about $ 10 000 today! And according to the laws, it is copyright ends only around 2099!

3. Horse breeding

Most of us probably can not afford to have a full stud in our name, but even those of us who live by moderate means can invest and profit from horse ownership. No, we are not Horsin ‘around – it’s a real thing!

We specifically talking about racehorses. Investing in these valuable horses can help you win big, but it is no secret that the risk is higher than your average investment. Not to mention the cost of maintenance of housing, grooming and feeding your manufacturer potential money can be quite a business. If you are not ready to risk everything, but still interested, you can opt for a property partnerships. This will help spread the risk and may even be a way to socialize with people who share the same ideas. We discuss crowdsourcing essentially a racehorse!

As we have said, the returns are not a sure thing with this type of investment, but prices purses have increased steadily in recent years – so if you win, you could win big enough!

4. eBay Earth

eBay is a strange place, and all those who ventured on the website vouch for it. Who can forget the “Virgin Mary” grilled cheese sandwich that has been sold at auction for $ 24 000?

But I bet you did not know on the corner lot in the Mojave Desert that someone has sold for $ 57! Yes, it is true, and you can find many other gems like this on the site. So much so that eBay has gained some reputation for being at the auction house auction of land proper similar market.

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